Motivation and innovation driving sustainability

A future built on tradition

Our family company was founded in 1959 and becomes more innovative from generation to generation – including when it comes to protecting the environment. We firmly believe that we need to act sustainably to secure a future fit for the next generations. As forwarding specialists, we use state-of-the technology. We’re constantly raising the bar in terms of our environmental goals, which are to:

  • save resources
  • reduce CO2 emissions
  • give something back to nature
  • regular monitoring and optimisation of environmental protection through innovation
  • use of electric vehicles for local journeys

Diversions? Not from protecting the environment!

We use state-of-the-art satellite technology to calculate the shortest routes. It means we cut the CO2. And it goes without saying that our transport vehicles are always fully loaded. We know at every moment where our fleet, and your goods, are.

So you benefit not only in terms of delivery times and safety, but also from our environmentally friendly and resource-saving transport services.

A lightbulb moment

We’re shining brightly at our corporate headquarters in Hallbergmoos ­– in LED to be precise. We’ve installed them throughout the building to reduce our energy consumption.

Talking of energy – we prefer to use natural and constantly renewable solar power. The photovoltaic system on our roof provides the power we need. Everything we don’t use, we feed back into the grid to the benefit of others.

Track our CO2 savings here live:


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