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We handle customs formalities quickly and reliably

Our customs experts have outstanding connections all over the world. They know the ins and outs of specific customs legislation, current agreements, and regulations. Their expertise means they can classify imports and exports quickly and correctly. Our customs team keeps the flow of goods moving smoothly, ensuring there are no hold-ups and the goods reach the recipient safely and on time. Our team provides support and advice on all formalities, from completing the customs declaration correctly for your imports and exports to import sales tax and HS code classification.


Imports and exports: we have all world tariffs at our fingertips

If goods are to cross national borders without a hitch, they must be correctly classified with special customs tariffs and tax rates. Thanks to their specialist knowledge, our experts can register goods quickly for import or export. In personalised customer meetings they discuss every last detail beforehand in order to be able to classify and prepare the goods systematically for both import and export customs clearance.

HS classification: classifying goods correctly

We know our way around the Harmonized System (HS): our staff are familiar with the correct codes, which are composed of six numbers and various possible descriptions. This international customs declaration is particularly important in ensuring that your goods clear customs without delay. What's more, we're well versed in the nuts and bolts of international transport: after all, as customs experts, we navigate your goods safely across the globe.

Customs warehouses: service and flexibility under our watchful eye

We store it: your goods are kept in our customs warehouses, untaxed, duty-free and, first and foremost, safe. The benefits of our service? You can store your entire range of products in one place, organise a separate area as a permanent customs warehouse, thereby taking advantage of our bonded warehouse. Moreover, while your goods are in our professional custody, you can be sure they are in safe hands. Our customs warehouses are at the following locations: Munich (Hallbergmoos) and Dormagen.

Outsourcing your customs clearance

If you don't have enough specialised personnel to deal with the complex requirements of international goods traffic, why not outsource your customs clearance? Our services cover all customs formalities. What’s more, we pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest regulations and providing proper documentation. As your customs experts, we handle the entire sourcing management and customs clearance for both imports and exports.

Law and order: foreign advisory services

Cross-border transport is particularly challenging as it involves special declaration and reporting requirements, perhaps even sanctions in some cases. We know the current customs regulations inside out and can provide extensive information in advance to avoid problems with foreign authorities.


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