Grüne Zukunft der Spedition

Together into a green future

In our capacity as an established family-owned company, we are aware of how important sustainable action is for future generations. That’s why we are committed to protecting our environment and social interaction on several levels. Simply talking about improving our climate is not enough. We want to be proactive: our earth, our families and the future of our children are at stake. We have therefore developed a climate protection strategy for our company, thanks to which we are already certified as a climate-neutral transport company.

Grüne Zukunft der Spedition
Wir setzen uns für die Umwelt ein

Green logistics for you

Join us on the road to a sustainable future! With our Green Logistics, we transport your goods in a climate-neutral and resource-saving way – with optimal route planning, CO2 recording and, if desired, offsetting of transport emissions. Want to know more?

Your path to climate-neutral transport


Your order, our responsibility

We plan your transports with as few resources as possible, ensuring efficient route planning thanks to satellite technology, fully utilised trucks and much more.


CO2 recording with shipzero

We calculate the CO2 emissions of your transport with shipzero. To obtain a realistic result, we include all important information and details.


Climate-neutral transport

You can offset the CO2 footprint of your delivery by supporting relevant climate protection projects. Our partner Fokus Zukunft will advise you.

Why Green Logistics?

More than 20% of global CO2 emissions are generated in the transport sector, almost 10% of them by the transport of goods. We must and want to face this challenge and take responsibility: for our planet, our environment and our children.

We are pro-climate

Read our climate protection strategy to find out more about our contribution as a freight forwarder.

What we offer

Browse through our service portfolio and find the transport solution you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our FAQs you will find all the information you need about us, our green logistics and our services.

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