BARTH+CO: Driving sustainability

Acting responsibly is a simple act of humanity as far as we’re concerned

As forwarding specialists transporting your goods across the (bigger) world and providing you with the best possible and most reliable service, we believe we have a two-fold responsibility:

  • We transport your goods without hitch.
  • We give something back to mankind and the environment.

Better value, better interaction, a better future

As a family company rich in tradition, we’re all too aware of the importance to future generations of acting sustainably. Which is why we’re committed to protecting our environment and to social interaction on several levels:


As part of the "Plant-for-the-planet" campaign, we are helping to plant trees.

On the road to sustainability

Our building and our transport fleet reduce CO2 and reduce the use of resources wherever possible.

Humanitarian by nature

We support good causes, because a social conscience is equally sustainable.


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