Textilspedition aus Bayern

A transport mode for modish transport

Trucking you can trust – travel better with us

Textile taxi, clothing caravan or fabric freight – call it what you will. One thing is clear, though: we are the top company when it comes to transporting fashion. BARTH + CO has decades of experience in shipping, and many well-known fashion brands trust us with their quality goods. Whether the clothing is manufactured in other European countries or in Turkey, we provide safe and reliable transport for your textiles.

Carefully coordinated – stay informed about your textile transport!

Coordinated? But of course! We work with you to determine and choose the right mode of transport and best route for your valuable textiles. During the transport, we keep you up to date on the status of your fabrics. Deliveries are made on time, based on the date we have closely coordinated with you, to the designated location. Convenient? Confirmed!

We have a large selection of vehicles

What if you just need a few samples of your high-quality textiles? We can transport small quantities, too, using our Sprinter vans or partial loads in our trucks. How about large volumes of fabric? We can offer you one or more entire trucks – which always come with a driver, logistics manager, shipper and everything you need for fault-free transport. If the transport needs to be extra fast, two drivers can take shifts to ensure non-stop support for your goods delivery. We schedule several departures a week, from our locations throughout Europe as well as Turkey, to provide you with timely and reliable service. Our fleet could hardly be any more fleet-footed. And best of all, every vehicle is low-emission and satellite-monitored, which guarantees the best possible security for your fashion goods.

Distribution? DTL handles that for us.

Proper timing ensures that shelves are always fully stocked. DTL provides transport solutions for distribution between the manufacturer and the POS with delivery to shops and the mutual exchange of goods.
For peace of mind, DTL inTIME and DTL Paket get your entire range of products to shops and trading partners within 48 hours.
DTL returns management offers efficient solutions for return shipments: collection orders can be generated automatically and picked up during scheduled transports.
DTL Direkt guarantees rapid, direct delivery to every POS. See www.dtl.de/leistungen for further information on DTL.

Back and forth, on hangers or flat

Only the best for your textiles: GOH (garment on hanger) transports ensure wrinkle-free deliveries. We keep your high-quality fashion on hangers in the truck so it is protected during transport. Naturally, you also have the option of shipping textiles flat in boxes, whether from or to the destination country. Learn more about each country at the bottom of this page by clicking on the corresponding flag. Careful handling of your fabrics is just as important to our shippers as it is to you – we want you to be satisfied.

Logistics and customs? We’ll handle it.

You want to make sure the entire transport process for your fashion is in good hands that will get it done. You’ve come to the right place. If desired, we can handle customs clearance into non-EU countries for you. We also take care of all the logistics, thanks to a network of logistics centers at our sites throughout Europe and Turkey. We use innovative and ultra-modern technology to store your textiles and prepare them for a smooth transport. And what about you? You can just be happy that everything is working so well! Find more information about customs clearance here.

Seeing eye to eye

Whether your products are off the rack, haute couture or newcomer fashion, we treat your textiles with the greatest care and provide reliable and timely deliveries. We are happy to advise you and answer your questions. Respect and trust are an important part of our collaboration – with you as a customer, and with our drivers and partners on site. We work together to develop the perfect solution for your needs: tailor-made and chic.

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