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We are your professional freight forwarders with sites in Munich, Nuremberg, Reutlingen and Dormagen. Your goods are always in safe hands with our team of experienced freight forwarders, logistics specialists and highly qualified skilled workers. From forwarding by air, truck or ship to special transport – we always have the optimum individual solution for you. Over 1,500 satisfied customers are a testament to this. Our range of services for you:

Transport by truck: on the road – safe at all times

Quick, flexible and reliable: our truck transports. Thanks to state-of-the-art satellite technology, we always know exactly where your goods are and can plan the best possible routes. To save time and resources, we offer general cargo, full and part charter. Our trucks are all provided with ultra modern equipment and are available in all vehicle sizes.

Textile freight forwarder: from flat pack to garment on hanger

We have been your specialist for textile transports for more than 60 years. Not only do we supply fabric – we also handle the logistics for grey goods: from button to yarn. We transport your textiles in special clothes cases, suspended on fixed hanging rails without further packaging. Our professional logistics team coordinates suppliers and pick-up dates, plans consignments and keeps you informed at all times.

Logistics and warehousing: we offer solutions

With advanced technology such as AutoStore, we store your goods on more than 70,000 square metres (roughly 750,000 square feet) of storage space all over Germany. We always keep an eye on our inventory: from initial analysis and internal supply chain processes to your individual warehousing system. This enables us to find custom solutions for you in all fields of contract and grey goods logistics.

Special transports: from bicycles to rockets

Our experience is your benefit: we offer individual solutions even for the most exacting special transports. You’d like some examples? For instance, we have transported components for wind turbines and rockets. We regularly deliver high-quality bicycles – always safely and on time. This requires maximum carefulness, planning and expertise. That’s exactly what we have to offer.

Customs clearance: import, export, expertise

Your customs clearance is in safe and capable hands with our experienced customs experts. They know exactly what documents are needed for consignments to member and non-member states of the European Union and prepare everything for you and your goods. Our customs team undergoes regular training, ensuring that their know-how is always up to date. With more than 15,000 customs clearances per year, we are your certified partner for all questions relating to customs clearance.

Green logistics: we also transport climate-neutrally

We can transport your goods in a climate-neutral and low-resource way if you wish. We plan routes optimally and without detours, with fully loaded trucks a given. If you wish, we can also record the emissions of your order and offer you the option of offsetting them with climate protection certificates through our partner Fokus Zukunft.

Our brands and partners for special transports

alpha trans

Our subsidiary alpha trans offers transports by air and sea. Our colleagues organising the delivery of your goods by plane and ship have a broad background of experience and expertise.

logo ddl

Deutsche Textillogistik GmbH (DTL) is our partner for textile transports and logistics. The DTL team offers professional solutions covering distribution, goods exchange, returns management and a lot more besides.


Bike Logistik is your professional service provider for the transport of high-quality bicycles: track your consignment day by day and rely on your bicycles arriving punctually and intact at their destination.

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