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FAQs on all logistics aspects

The freight forwarding and transport sector has its own language, full of specialised terms and abbreviations. This logistics terminology helps us clearly define processes, tasks and topics, thereby ensuring a functioning supply chain. Here we answer the most frequently asked questions on current issues in the industry and on BARTH+CO.

Special topics in the transport sector

Customs tariffs, Incoterms and minimising our carbon footprint are some of the most relevant topics in the logistics and freight forwarding sector. Time and again, we are asked about them, so we have decided to provide a clear definition and explanation of each of the three topics.


The set of rules for international trade.

Customs tariffs

Customs clearance of goods for import and export


What processes do we follow for loading and transport? What vehicles and modes of transport do we deploy? What are the different steps from placing the order to delivery of the goods? We have compiled and answered these and many other frequently asked questions on BARTH+CO for your information. If you can’t find the answer to your particular question, simply get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. We update the following FAQ list on an ongoing basis, including other relevant questions (and answers) as they arise.

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Questions about the company

Romanian e-transport

Questions on loading and transport

Questions on the vehicles/modes of transport

Questions on placing an order

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