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Reforestation, saddle up and ride off into the future!

“I don’t care about Yucatan.” Wrong! The Mexican peninsula of Yucatan is central to our interest in sustainability. Here, staff working for the international Plant-for-the-Planet project plant trees, funded by donations, that will reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere and shape a greener planet for the future.

  • Our involvement: a ten-year agreement with Plant-for-the-Planet
  • Our goal: to finance 220,000 trees during the term of the agreement
  • Our commitment in Yucatan: a tree for a euro

We donated 12,000 euro to the project in the first year alone. 60 per cent of that went to planting trees, 40 per cent benefited the academy, the workers and the organisation.

The tree counter: a real-time measure of success

See how many trees were planted as part of the project here:

Our goal:
We plant new trees!
Trees already planted:
0 from 0

The Plant-for-the-Planet initiative: planting trees is child’s play

In 2007, the then nine-year-old Felix Finkbeiner gave a school presentation on the climate crisis and put forward the Plant-for-the-Planet initiative for children and youngsters. Here are the most exciting facts and figures about the project:

  • target: to plant more than 1,000 billion trees across the world
  • ambassadors: more than 88,000 children and youngsters from 74 countries
  • more than 1,500 academies held to train ambassadors
  • more than 25,000 users of the Plant-for-the-Planet app
  • over 5 million trees planted in Yucatan – more than 8 million worldwide
  • support for children and youngsters from private individuals, companies and NGOs
  • transfer of the Billion Tree Campaign, with 13.6 billion trees registered, from the United Nations to Plant-for-the-Planet

We are proud to have the opportunity to support this initiative. We are BARTH+CO – we transport values.


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