Logistik in die Türkei

Your freight forwarder for Turkey: transport, warehousing, logistics and more

We are specialists for all freight services to Turkey. Our experts are always up to speed on the import and export regulations. Local partners, our own warehouses in Turkey, and a Turkish-speaking team mean we can offer a first class forwarding service.

Our trucks leave for Turkey from Dormagen, Munich, and Reutlingen several times a weak. Use our express services to get your cargo to Turkey within just two days if things need to move fast. Our service is as individual as you are.


From A to Z: we handle customs clearance

We have the necessary expertise and clear your goods through customs. Agreements, regulations, and laws—we know them all inside out. We make sure that all the necessary papers are complete and ensure smooth third-country customs clearance and fiscal customs clearance at the German import border crossings.

Road freight transport: punctual, fast, and safe

Our trucks depart for Turkey regularly and at fixed times from our facilities in Munich, Dormagen, and Reutlingen. They carry it all—from general cargo to partial and full loads. And if things need to be moved fast, we offer express services. We have the truck, you have the load: swift transit times, punctual delivery, and quality transport.

Textile forwarding and fashion logistics: we deliver crease-free

We are your professionals for textile transports to Turkey: from raw materials such as buttons and yarn to finished garments. In our specially fitted trucks, we transport your fashion so that it arrives intact and unscathed—as flat packs, garment on hanger, or on pallets.

Air and sea freight: transport for all kinds of goods

We ship special cargoes or larger goods to Turkey by air or sea freight. Our subsidiary alpha trans has a team of experts that will create a bespoke shipping concept for your goods by air and ship.

Logistics and warehousing: we also provide local storage

We have some 120,000 square metres of storage space ready for you in Turkey. Having our own warehouses and special bonded warehouses means we can offer you customised warehousing, contract and raw materials logistics in Turkey as well.

Rail freight transport: high performing thanks to professional partners

We deliver your goods to their destination by rail efficiently and using minimum resources. Thanks to our competent partners, we can offer punctual, eco-friendly rail freight transport with minimal risk of damage—from individual and group wagons, complete trains and rail container services to heavy goods.

Our services for you

  • Dedicated customer care and bespoke service
  • Several departures per week with swift transit times
  • Express trips by truck or sprinter to Turkey and back
  • Direct runs to Istanbul, Izmir and Adana
  • Direct runs from Dormagen, Nuremberg, and Reutlingen
  • General cargo, partial and full loads
  • Distribution and logistics
  • GOH (garment on hanger), flat packs, and transport on pallets
  • High value transports and special projects
  • Our own on-site warehouses and local partners
  • Satellite monitored equipment
  • Handling of customs formalities
  • Quality control according to AQL standards
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