Logistik nach Bulgarien

Haulage to Bulgaria: your reliable transport specialists

Our trucks commute between Germany and Bulgaria on a regular basis. At BARTH+CO, we offer reliable solutions to ensure the smooth handling of your transport to and from Bulgaria. We pride ourselves on our wealth of experience, professional partners on the ground and state-of-the-art technology.

Our experts arrange for collection of your products with perfect precision, in Germany or at any other location, on request. For example, we ship your materials to Bulgaria for processing. Afterwards, we deliver the finished products to the specified delivery address or directly to your point of sale. We specialise in flexible, reliable transport to Bulgaria. At BARTH+CO, we handle all your shipments to and from Bulgaria.


Our services: Truck and textile transport to Bulgaria

Haulage by truck: Reliable deliveries to Bulgaria

Several times a week, our logistics specialists organise truck departures from Germany to all parts of Bulgaria. Benefit from direct routes and short transit times – no unnecessary transshipment. This applies to general cargo and to partial and full loads. If time is of the essence, express transport is available on request.

Cross trade: We know our way around complex customs and logistics processes

Cross-trade transport requires considerable expertise and organisation. Our specialists do the groundwork to ensure your customs and logistics processes run smoothly. We guide you every step of the way from delivery of your raw materials through to distribution of the finished goods to the point of sale.

Green logistics: Carbon-neutral transport

On request, we offer zero-emission transport of your goods. Capitalising on optimal route planning and fully loaded trucks, we save resources. Moreover, we identify the emissions resulting from your order and offer the option of offsetting them with climate protection certificates issued by our partner Fokus Zukunft.

Detail-oriented textile logistics: Flawless fashion transport

For years, we have been serving all major production sites in Bulgaria. We are committed to the careful handling of your textiles, thereby ensuring that your garments arrive undamaged and crease-free. We provide first-class transport using special textile containers for GOH (garment on hanger) and flat packs.

Efficient warehouse logistics: State-of-the-art, all-in-one solutions for Bulgaria

We have built up outstanding networks in Bulgaria and work with ultra-modern logistic partners. Thus, we provide a one-stop international logistics service from collection of the raw goods through to delivery of your products to the retail sector – all without a hitch.

What we offer:

  • Comprehensive customer support and personalised service
  • Several departures per week with fast transit times
  • Direct transfers to and from Bulgaria
  • General cargo, partial and full loads
  • GOH (garment on hanger) and flat packs
  • Distribution and logistics for retail companies
  • Goods are transshipped immediately thanks to cross docking
  • High-value transport and project shipments
  • Local partners
  • Satellite-monitored equipment
  • Cross-trade transport
  • Clearing goods through customs for cross-trade transport
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