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As a family business, our focus is on innovation, keeping in mind our responsibility towards future generations. We therefore put sustainability into action as a matter of course. Taking care of the environment when rendering our services is a priority for us.

Conserving natural resources and using modern technology to reduce CO2 emissions are two of the guiding principles of our company. We strive to reduce consumption with state-of-the-art equipment and by regularly optimising our schedules. We regard the judicious use of natural resources and investment in efficient machinery as important obligations.


Day in, day out, our photovoltaic system plays an enormous part in keeping CO2 emissions to a minimum. It is a significant cornerstone of our sustainable corporate policy.



A reduction in CO2 emissions of approx. 1,440 tonnes
3,600,000 kilowatt hours of electricity powered by solar energy

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The barth group's contribution

Since the photovoltaic system was installed, it has produced 3,600,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, enough to power approximately 900 four-person households for an entire year. The reduction in CO2 emissions amounts to approximately 1,440 tonnes. Based on a mileage of 30,000 km/year, this would reduce the impact of around 290 modern medium-sized cars to zero. 50% of this green electricity is used for our operations; the rest is fed into the public grid. Furthermore, we have now switched the majority of the lighting systems at our Hallbergmoos location to LED, which only uses a fraction of the energy required for conventional lighting.

We are working on an ongoing basis to extend intermodal transport channels in long-distance, cross-border haulage. Apart from easing the congestion on the motorways, this also means a tangible reduction in CO2 emissions. Placing enormous emphasis on sustainability, we are committed to making a positive contribution to protecting our environment for the benefit of future generations.

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