Transports to Hungary: we are your freight forwarding specialists

For deliveries to Hungary, we at BARTH+CO offer you customised services around freight forwarding and logistics. As an international transport company, we have excellent regional connections and work with reliable partners who know the local regulations inside out.

Whether general cargo, full or partial loads, large or small volumes, our trucks ensure fast and smooth transport to Hungary – several times a week, at fixed departure times and always considering your individual needs. Our experts are on the spot for you. They know all there is to know about procurement logistics and can advise you at any time.

Do you want to know more about freight forwarding to Hungary? Our experienced and reliable logistics pros can answer all your questions.

BARTH+CO: your trusted and flexible haulier for transports to Hungary.

Our services: truck transports and logistics for Hungary

Truck transport Hungary: you’re in safe hands with us

Whether it’s to Budapest or to the furthest corners of the land, our trucks bring your freight to Hungary, either as general cargo or in full or partial loads. To guarantee short transit times, we use direct routes and avoid unnecessary transshipments. And when time is of the essence, you can opt for express delivery.

Logistics for Hungary: we optimise your scheduling

Our procurement logistics specialists guarantee you a cost-efficient flow of goods: working with local partners, we inspect the incoming shipments in detail to ensure the correct quantity and quality of goods. Plus, we then make sure your products are appropriately warehoused and administered.

How can we help? Let us answer your questions

Are you ready to use our haulage services to Hungary or find out more? Get in touch! Together with our Hungarian partners, we can develop bespoke transport solutions for you. Thanks to our strong local network, we guarantee that your deliveries arrive at their destination swiftly and as per your exact specifications.

Environmentally friendly transport: doing our bit for the climate

Use our climate-neutral truck transport to Hungary! With our eco-friendly strategy, we make sure our trucks set off fully loaded and on optimised routes. We record the emissions generated by your delivery and then give you the option to offset them with climate protection certificates from our partner Fokus Zukunft.

Our services and unique selling propositions for transports in Hungary include:

  • Strong network
  • Reliable partners
  • Full and part charter
  • General cargo
  • Procurement logistics
  • Several departures per week
  • Quick delivery times
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