At a glance: current fuel prices to calculate the diesel floater

This page provides a transparent overview of the current prices of diesel. Based on data collected by the European Commission, we present both the monthly price development and the trend over a longer period of time. Every month, we use the current figures to recalculate the diesel floater for your shipments. This enables us to provide logistics services at a fair price that reflects the latest developments at all times.

The EU Commission publishes diesel prices on a weekly basis. This data is publishes on the BGL website (available here). From this, the average price per month and thus the reference value for the applicable diesel floater ist determinded. 

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Annual price trend

Source: Federal Statistical Office (price indices) and own calculations

Why do we use diesel floating?

The cost situation changes constantly in the transport sector, mainly due to the fluctuating prices of petrol, diesel fuel and heating oil. Diesel floating enables us to react to these price developments. The diesel floater – a fuel surcharge that we automatically adjust each month to reflect the latest prices – compensates for fluctuating prices. In a nutshell: as fuel prices drop, you pay less to transport your goods. However, when prices rise, we are obliged to increase the costs of our forwarding services accordingly.

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