Logistik in die Ukraine

Logistics in Ukraine: Your reliable partner for transports

From all our locations in Germany, BARTH+CO trucks travel to Ukraine and back several times a week. Thanks to modern technology and many years of experience, our expert freight forwarding pros excel in getting your goods safely and reliably to their destination.

As Ukraine is not an EU member state, shipments need to overcome a number of customs obstacles. For this we offer you customised transport, logistics and customs clearance services. Whether textile or road transport, partial or full loads, general cargo or dangerous goods, we at BARTH+CO are your specialist logistics partner for flexible transports to and from Ukraine.

Textilwarenlager Barth+Co

Our services: Road and textile transports to Ukraine

Customs clearance: smooth import and export

Our team of experts takes care of the customs clearance for your goods. We are always well informed about the latest customs regulations for non-EU countries such as Ukraine and guarantee competent handling of all customs matters.

Haulage by truck: flexible delivery processes for all kinds of cargo

Our freight forwarders regularly hit the road to Ukraine on a fixed schedule. Regardless of the type of cargo, your goods are in safe hands with us: we handle general cargo, full and partial loads and, on request, dangerous goods (ADR).

Textile transports: professional fashion logistics

With us, your clothes and fabrics get to Ukraine quickly and in perfect condition. Our dedicated trucks include GOH (garment on hanger) containers in which your textiles travel safely packaged. The result? Your goods arrive unscathed and uncreased.

Cross-docking: saves time and money

Use this special type of cargo handling and distribution and benefit from shorter delivery times and maximum flexibility in your supply chains. How? You pre-pick the goods before delivering them to our central handling point, and we distribute them to their recipients, saving you loading and inventory costs.

Environmentally friendly transport: green light for sustainability

Go for green logistics and use our climate-neutral transport. We fulfil your orders on optimised routes and with fully loaded trucks. Any remaining emissions can be offset with climate protection certificates through our partner Fokus Zukunft.

What we offer

  • A strong network
  • Textile transports from and to Ukraine
  • Textile logistics for Ukraine
  • Distribution for trading companies
  • Garment on hanger transports
  • General cargo
  • Procurement logistics
  • Beschaffungslogistik
  • E-commerce
  • Express transports
  • Cross-docking
  • Neutralisation
  • Several departures per week
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