Logistik nach Kroatien

Haulage to Croatia: your reliable transport specialists

BARTH+CO offers you a comprehensive package combining long-term experience and state-of-the-art technology. Our trucks regularly go back and forth to Croatia – from all over Germany and at fixed times. We draw on our expertise to ensure smooth, efficient deliveries and guarantee maximum flexibility for transports, storage and loading of your products – thanks to professional Croatian partners and our own branches in Zagreb and Varaždin.

We customise your orders individually to your needs and wishes and handle the consolidation or neutralisation of your goods as well as their subsequent storage. We are your reliable freight forwarder and logistics partner for textile and goods transports to and from Croatia.

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Our services: truck and textile transports to Croatia

Haulage by truck: reliable transport between Germany and Croatia

Several times a week our trucks head off for Croatia from Germany. Through direct routes and short transit times, we avoid unnecessary reloading of general cargo and full or partial loads, saving you valuable time.

Textile transports: smooth deliveries of fashion and fabrics

We have been supplying renowned fashion production companies in Croatia for years and know how important it is to store goods carefully when dealing with textiles. We use special textile cases for GOH (garment on hanger) transport to bring clothes and fabrics to their destination intact and crease-free.

Warehousing and storage logistics: all-round solutions for Croatia

In Croatia, we have a nationwide network and work with local transport companies to fulfil our orders. Through our ultramodern warehouses in Zagreb and Varaždin, we can offer you excellent all-in-one solutions for storage and logistics.

Cross-docking: flexible supply chains, short delivery times

We offer you smart cross-docking solutions, where you deliver your goods to us pre-picked and we take care of the order-specific distribution to the final recipient. This not only spares you the loading process and inventory storage – you also noticeably reduce your delivery times and increase flexibility in supply chain management.

Green logistics: climate-neutral and resource-saving

Benefit from our climate-neutral transport and do your bit for the environment. Through fully utilised trucks and optimised routes, we keep your carbon footprint as low as possible. Furthermore, we record the emissions generated by your shipment, which you can offset with climate protection certificates through our partner Fokus Zukunft.

What we offer

  • A strong network
  • Distribution logistics for Croatia
  • Textile transports from and to Croatia
  • Garment on hanger transports
  • Distribution for trading companies
  • Warehouse logistics/cross-docking
  • Full and part charter
  • General cargo
  • Procurement logistics
  • Several departures per week
  • Consolidation, neutralisation
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