Supply Chain Management

Worldwide production and procurement is imperative for a reliable, seamless supply chain.

A significant focus is therefore on logical transparent procedures in individual phases. Together with its custumers BARTH+CO developes and designs an individual supply chain for the given situation or requests. In doing so, clear procedures are arranged, analysed, and optimized. BARTH+CO synchronises procedures between all the parties involved. We make sure we apply and match logistical procedures in order to harmonize requests from customers and the possibilities from suppliers worldwide. In doing so, our incentive is to optimize the flow of information through proactive communication.

BARTH+CO supports its customers through competent IT Solutions, which interlink those involved and show the current status of projects.

To enable the individual links of the logistical chain to join up perfectly, we elaborate concepts together with our customers. Our customers can therefore decide how far and to what extent the supply chain should be controlled. With that, we concentrate on the improvement of synergy effects to achieve a highly efficient and cost-effective procedure.