Mr. Karlheinz Barth and Karl Scherbauer founded the company in 1959 in Munich, Germany. Initially, the company’s idea was to transport fabric or textile from Prato, Italy to Germany through trucks instead of Rail.

Continuously, both founders expanded the basis of their business with Italy and soon after all of Europe with the handling and transportation of industrial commodities.

1970 Getting Started in the transport of hung clothes.
1970-1971 Formation of own Transport Warehouse in Heimstetten (Move: Beg. 1971)
1972 Düsseldorf Establishment launch.
1980 Foundation of Alpha Trans Munich GmbH as a Joint Venture together with Alpha Trans Frankfurt. Alphatrans is a wholly-owned subsidiary since 2002.
1986 Founding of DTL together with 10 partners.
1999-2000 Building of a new transport terminal in Halbergmoos. (Move: 2000)